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We regularly open up our biotope to host big and small events. All are curated and produced by the Widdies themselves. We experiment, share knowledge and collaborate. Want to join in on the fun? Read here about what to expect from different events.


Each year we provide a short artistic residency for a number of Widdies. For a few days they get to focus on new work, or an ongoing project, whatever they need. The next step is to test the results with an audience: that’s where you come in! During Test-Fest you’ll see lots of short performances in one night – and we love to hear what you think.

TimeWindow Festival

Sometimes we go big and curate a three-day festival to showcase all the wonderful work made within the community. Expect anything from 5-minute tests to complete stage performances to installations that last the whole weekend. Just like how it all started back in 2015. As always, it’s all about the experiment. Some finished work may premiere during our festival, some things may be a one-off trial. Just immerse yourself in a variety of art forms and join the party.


During TW.Wiki you’ll learn all about everything you never knew you wanted to know. Artists and other professionals are invited to talk about anything they like, as long as they don’t mention their own work. Usage of Power Point is highly encouraged. Any questions?

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Events by Widdies

One of the pillars of talent development within TimeWindow is the freedom to organize your own events. Widdies use their space for an open rehearsal, a workshop, a clothing sale, a jam session, you name it. Follow us on social media to see who’s doing what.


We love to partner up with art colleagues and ideological soulmates for events. Either at our own biotope or we move our stuff to their place. The yellow square may pop up anywhere !

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