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Welcome to our biotope

Livestream from TimeWindow Headquarters. Only works on mon-fri between 11 and 17 and it has no sound.

Uh oh, something went wrong. There should be a livestream from our TimeWindow Headquarters on your screen right now. If it's not showing up, this could be causing it:

  • It's NOT mon-fri between 11h and 17h.

    We may be artists, but we have our boundaries. That's why we only go live during working hours. Come back tomorrow to check again. If today is Saturday, go enjoy your weekend.

  • There's not an event at the moment.

    Events are usually held in the evenings and weekends, so we might make an exception and turn the camera on. Unfortunately the livestream has no sound, so you should come by for the full experience! Check the Events page for our agenda.

  • You're on your phone.

    The stream may not work on mobile. Sorry! Check the site on a desktop to see if you can spy on us there.

  • Your security settings are too good.

    Go you! But your browser could be blocking the feed.

Visit this site on a bigger screen to see the livestream from our workspaces!